IAWO S.r.l. is a Manufacturing Company specialized in cycle, running and triathlon apparel. The Company takes advantage of 15 years of experience in the sportswear field,manufacturing for famous brands. In addition, the overall experience of the Ownership and the management in manufacturing processes is exceeding 40 years. In order to guarantee the quality and the lead time, the ownership and the management are deeply involved in all the production steps; in fact, all manufacturing processor are directly monitored by Italian staff, both in Italy and in Bosnia Erzegovina. Our company guarantees the full “Made in Italy” of the items (also for large orders), if the customer requires it. In the Italian Headquarters, we carry out the prototypes from the sketches or the reference samples, and all the prototypes are manufactured in IAWO srl to guarente the maximum privacy of the design specificato. Thanks to a long experience of our internal graphic service, the customized printed samples are carried out in very short time and the urgencies are handled quickly and efficiently.